This may seem like a very simple dish, hardly worthy of a recipe, but there are so many choices you can make to dress this dish up for any party or dinner, I thought it would be fun to include.

Jess’ Sliced Tomatoes

Sea Salt
Olive Oil
Basil leaves (optional)


First, select the ripe tomatoes of your choice. Anything from big oxheart slices down to cherry tomatoes, whichever you prefer. For this dish, Jess chose an heirloom Russian purple variety of tomatoes because of the nearly reddish blue shade with the bright green accents. They are really beautiful tomatoes, especially when you place them on a simple white plate.

Next, select the sea salt of your choice, and even throw in a spiced salt in you like.

Then, drizzle with pure olive oil, the fresher the better. New oil, harvested within the last year, will have an almost greenish cast to it and sometimes a pungent, spicy taste. If you can buy directly from a producer, even better, then you know where the oil is coming from and when it was harvested.

If you want to add another pop of color and taste, garnish with some basil leaves. Enjoy!