We’ve been traveling to Italy for 25 years, and just a few years ago, decided to put down roots in a Tuscan village we love. I wrote about the journey in my latest book, Restored in Tuscany: A True Story of Facing Loss, Finding Beauty, and Living Forward in Hope released in March, 2024 by Harvest House Publishers and available on Amazon, with signed copies available at Kentucky Soaps & Such.

Along the way, I’ve learned a few things that will enhance the travel experience. Here are some fun tips for first-time travelers to Italy. For help with driving in Italy, our friend Conrad developed this helpful tip sheet on driving rules.

I love to read about a place I am visiting, or even watch a movie to get me in the mood. Here are some of our favorite books and movies about Italy.

Italian Properties For Sale

Interested in a property in Italy? We have three options in different states of renovation currently for sale.

This grand villa was build in the 1600s and was previously owned by the Contucci wine family. Rooms feature frescoes waiting to be uncovered, a beautiful garden around it, and is walking distance to Montepulciano. The best asset is a two bedroom apartment that can quickly be made ready for living in it while the remainder of the restoration is overseen.

The beautiful hilltop village of Piegaro is historically connected to glassmaking, and features a glassmaking museum, just steps away from this apartment. This apartment is completely renovated and is ready to be occupied. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living area, and kitchen with two wood burning fireplaces, making all seasons cozy and bright. The apartment comes with an unfinished cantina below and an additional unfinished apartment on the top floor of the building, so you can enjoy your place in Italy and do a future renovation of those spaces later.

This 12 acre olive farm is located within walking distance of a beautiful hilltop village overlooking Lake Trasimeno. The olive farm was abandoned for years, but we have worked to bring it back to life and have enjoyed the harvest of olive oil. Even more attractive is the old farmhouse that allows for a rebuild, creating a house with a beautiful valley view if you’d like to have a few acres along with a renovation project.

Contact [email protected] for price and more information.

Restored In Tuscany
Before    THE Restoration
The image gallery below displays what the property looked like when we arrived. We had our work cut out for us.
Here’s a video slideshow of the restoration process.
You can view more behind the scenes videos at the link below. Keep your eyes peeled for a Pope sighting!