Cheryl Chapman

The Stanford Inn, Cerulean, the Ballroom, Esther’s Wellhouse, the Loft, Boone House and Shelby Cottage all have one thing in common: artwork by Cheryl Chapman. I love using Cheryl’s paintings in our spaces because of her use of color on big canvases. Her artwork has a sense of joy and complexity that enhances our spaces and gives a modern touch to our traditional furnishings.

She has a beautiful artist statement that you can read on her website at If you are interested in purchasing one of Cheryl’s paintings, you can contact her through her website, or she is also represented by the following galleries:

New Editions Gallery
500 West Short Street, Lexington, KY

Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art
1520 Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC

Galerie Hertz
1253 S Preston Street, Louisville, KY

Caza Sikes
3078 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH